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The New Paltz Mutant Army

I first encountered these fantastically decorative gourds at an eclectic backyard store, chock full of assorted bric-à-brac, a few miles up an obscure back road in rural Putnam County, New York. Since then, I’ve found them throughout the city, at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, but they still hold that down home country charm for me.

GourdThis series began as formal shots, stark studies of form and color with a black background. But very quickly the gourds took on a life of their own, nudging each other into little tragicomic tableaux, eager to show off their best sides. With their quirky shapes and wonderful colors, the gourds can look up-beat or down-hearted, shy or curious, contented or unhappy, aloof or friendly, studious or lazy; some gourds can seem all those things, depending on the angle you hold them.

So I hope you enjoy this little series, which has no larger purpose than to bring a smile to your day, a little laughter into the world.

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